Zip Recipes, some changes coming up!

Some changes coming up for Zip Recipes users! Really Simple Plugins has taken over development and support of Zip Recipes from Gezim. Really Simple Plugins is a small plugin development company consisting of three developers. If you have added SSL to your site you might have encountered us before: we’ve also developed Really Simple SSL, currently the largest plugin to get your site easily on SSL. We’re also currently working on Complianz GDPR, a GDPR and CCPA plugin which handles privacy requirements for US and EU, and for Canada as of later this year.

Of course I also have ideas about what this great plugin can do. So there will also be changes 🙂 The changes you will be seeing in the short term:

  • I will start adding a licensing system to the premium plugins, so users can easily update from the back-end.
  • The current Gutenberg implementation will be adjusted to make more effective use of the wysiwyg possibilities Gutenberg offers
  • Translations will be extended to more languages
  • Conversion between US and Metric measurement systems will be added

A lot more is coming, but I’m hoping for your input as well! If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements, let me know!

Get Your Recipes To Pop-out and Get Noticed

You’re trying to get more readers to your blog. How do you do that? You certainly don’t do it by being plain Jane or Joe!

You’ve already done the hard work of creating your recipe, taking mouth-watering’re almost there…don’t quit now!

You would never buy a product on Amazon if it has no ratings. It’s not worth the risk.

Your readers treat your recipes the same way. Who has the time to create a recipe from scratch not knowing if other people had success with it?!

Google has the ability to show the ratings of your recipes. Question is, are you giving Google this data?

With our Friend plan, your readers can rate your recipes and give them the recognition they deserve!Pinterest also has started showing ratings on recipes. You worked hard to get in front of your audience. Now is not the time to be looked over because your recipes don’t have ratings.

When you upgrade to our Friend plan, your recipe ratings will automatically start showing up on Pinterest. Your readers will thank you!

Google is very tight-lipped about how their search algorithm works. Once in a while, they shine the light on you and actually tell you what you should have on your web pages or recipes for them to be considered top notch.

When Google talks, you listen!

Google recommends that you add Ratings and Author Name to your recipes.

Ratings and Author Name can be set when you upgrade to our Friend plan. If Google is Happy, Life is Good. Your website is an extension of you. It’s your baby. Everyone wants a well-dressed baby!

When you upgrade to the Friend plan, you will get 5 different outfits…alright maybe overdoing the baby analogy….you’ll get 5 gorgeous recipe card themes to choose from.

Version 4.9 is out – more fields for you!

Truth be told, I released version 4.8 but I had introduced a bug with translations (basically broke them) so I ended up releasing 4.9 right away to fix that.

This image illustrates the new features really well:


As you can see, now you can set your recipe’s category (entree, dessert, appetizer, etc.) and also set the cuisine (Ethiopian, Canadian (which would be poutine, really 😂)). These are formatted properly for you so Google can pick them up and understand them to be recipe fields! Rejoice!

I’ve also included Trans Fat and Cholesterol fields in terms of nutritional information you can set for your recipe as well.

If you’re wondering how I got this recipe card to look this amazing, I’m not surprised! It’s the Canada recipe card theme in the premium version of Zip Recipes (all plans include this theme).

P.S.: Divi theme is now supported as well.

So dedicated that he quit

A few years back, I read a story about a guy transforming his life using his password. The idea is that you type your password so often and if you set it to a goal, you’re constantly typing it and thinking about it.

I tried the strategy. In 2014, I set my password to Freedom2014. Freedom meant that I get to work on by own business and do my thing.

In 2015, I got a new job (it wasn’t time for Freedom, yet). When my employer gave me a laptop, I set the password to Freedom2016 (I’d given up for 2015!).

I would have forgotten what year I started this “freedom” thinking were it not for my password at home. Freedom2014. Freedom2014. Freedom2014.

Throughout this time I kept squirreling a bit of money where I could. As you know, I also kept working on Zip Recipes.

It took three years for me to get to my goal. Last week, I walked into my manager’s office and resigned. Freedom2017, baby!

So, what does this mean for you?

I’m ecstatic to tell you that I’ve never been more dedicated to you than right now. In April, I will be releasing some really neat features like:

  • Automatic nutritional calculation (that includes nutrition labels)
    • Honestly, this is going to be a huge time saver for you so you can do more of what you love!
  • Search for ingredients using WordPress search
  • Save Recipe button

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading, no better time than now!

Also, in the past, I’ve had to turn people away if they needed some modifications for Zip Recipes, their theme, or website in general.

From now on, WordPress Customization is a service I will provide for you! So, if you need specific modifications for Zip Recipes to match your site or just modifications in general, send an email and let an expert (ahem me!!) start working on your website!

Lastly, here’s a motivational video from Steve Harvey about Taking the Jump:


How I get direction throughout my day

Last August, a friend shared a tip he had heard from a productivity course he was taking.

It was quite simple: set goals at the beginning of the day in a diary. At the end of the day, review them and see how you did. Do this everyday.

Often times, we read a book cover to cover and don’t implement anything from it. That’s a waste and I decided not to waste this tip. I didn’t need to watch a video, take a course, read a whole book. It was one simple tip and I decided to digest and use it.

Now, how do I know it was last August?! I simply went to my diary software and looked up when I started typing “Goals:” at the very top. Here’s the entry for that day:

I started thinking about this process these past few days because I stopped setting these goals. What happened is really not unexpected. I started working on tasks that weren’t the top priority. Often, I had no clue what I was supposed to work on.

I’m sharing this tip with you because I believe it has the power to change your personal life and your business this year.

As for me, it’ll help me build these features for Zip Recipes in the near future:

  • Nutritional info label
  • Save Recipes button for Yummly (let me know if you want a Save Recipes button for another service)
  • Integrate WP Search to search for recipe ingredients, instructions, etc.