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    I have a small problem with your plugin

    I tried it because I could not get google to put the photo of my recipe in the searches as it does with those of my competition

    install your plugin I made a couple of publications and the next day my recipe came along with the photo, that was great!

    but after 2 days the photo disappeared and it could not be seen anymore

    probe again with another and exactly the same … first you see the photo and then not …

    the only “weird” thing I’ve seen when going to see the google webmaster is this: (attached image)

    load 2 images
    – the 1 is a transparent alazy-load apara that loads the web faster
    – the 2 is our image

    Can it have anything to do with it?

    Why does our image disappear from the search?

    thank you

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    Hi Jesus,

    Lazyloading can indeed cause issues with images, you can test this by temporarily disabling lazyloading. In the most recent update the markup has been fixed.

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