Recipe Reviews

It’s really encouraging to have people give you feedback on your recipes. When people can give you feedback, a sense of community is created on your website and it encourages more and more people to join.

Recipe Reviews allows your visitors to add a comment with their recipe rating.

You’re no longer left wondering what they loved about the recipe — they will give you a 5-star rating with a comment!


  1. Go to Zip Recipes > Manage Extensions from your admin site
  2. Check RecipeReviews
  3. Ensure VisitorRatings is unchecked
  4. If you already have ratings in your recipes that were done anonymously by visitors (using the VisitorRatings feature), you can choose to keep those ratings by checking off Include only ratings that have comments — old ratings submitted anonymously will not affect your recipe ratings when this option is checked off
  5. Click Save

Your visitors will now be able to rate your recipes and leave a comment along side the rating. You can approve these comments or disapproved spam.

Recipe Reviews supports JetPack comments as well as WordPress comments.