a sneak preview

ZIP Recipes is getting a Makeover! Since Really Simple Plugins took over development we were getting ready for a new and improved ZIP Recipes. And now we’re in development. Get a first glimpse of your new plugin!

recipe overview

A new recipe overview with statistics, labels and new shortcodes. Sort recipes per category, cuisine or pageviews and you will get our favourite recipe to showcase possibilities.


Creating a recipe template, easy with even more features. The new drag & drop template builder will give you the freedom to customize your templates as you wish, starting with our beautiful, updated custom templates.

Updated recipe cards

Out with the old, in with the new. We built the templates from the ground up in HTML & CSS. No fuss, just beautiful, customizable and responsive out-of-the box. With some extra features for the cherry on top.

Creating new recipes

Get a live preview of your recipes before going live. Just like your used to, only better.