How I get direction throughout my day

Last August, a friend shared a tip he had heard from a productivity course he was taking.

It was quite simple: set goals at the beginning of the day in a diary. At the end of the day, review them and see how you did. Do this everyday.

Often times, we read a book cover to cover and don’t implement anything from it. That’s a waste and I decided not to waste this tip. I didn’t need to watch a video, take a course, read a whole book. It was one simple tip and I decided to digest and use it.

Now, how do I know it was last August?! I simply went to my diary software and looked up when I started typing “Goals:” at the very top. Here’s the entry for that day:

I started thinking about this process these past few days because I stopped setting these goals. What happened is really not unexpected. I started working on tasks that weren’t the top priority. Often, I had no clue what I was supposed to work on.

I’m sharing this tip with you because I believe it has the power to change your personal life and your business this year.

As for me, it’ll help me build these features for Zip Recipes in the near future:

  • Nutritional info label
  • Save Recipes button for Yummly (let me know if you want a Save Recipes button for another service)
  • Integrate WP Search to search for recipe ingredients, instructions, etc.
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