Prevent author warning by Google by adding an author to your recipe

Adding author to a recipe

Google needs your help to structure your web page and recipe data. Structuring data means you specify what different parts of your blog mean. To ensure your recipes (and other parts) in a blog are structured properly, Google provides a Structured Data Testing Tool. Zip Recipes WordPress plugin takes structures the data for you automatically. You don’t have to do anything other than create a recipe!



If you create a recipe that does not include an author’s name, Google will warn you with this message:

The author field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.


How do I fix this?

All Zip Recipes premium plans come with the Author feature.

The Author feature allows you to add multiple authors to Zip Recipes. Then when a recipe is created an author can select their name from the menu or leave the default name.


  • Add multiple authors to the system
  • Select any author when you create a recipe
  • Immediately applies default author to your all recipes (that were created with Zip Recipes)!
  • Best of all: Make Google happy!

How does it look like?

This is a screenshot of how the Author field looks like in the screen when you’re adding a new recipe:

How author field looks like when adding a new recipe

What your blog visitors will see

Once you publish a recipe with author set, your visitors will see the author name right in the recipe card:

How author field looks like when adding a new recipe