Rich Snippets in Google, getting the most out of it

Images in Rich Snippets sometimes seem elusive: you have set it up correctly right? Why isn’t Google showing the image you prepared with so much care!

Sometimes it’s just as simple as ratio’s or pixel count. Google prefers images of at least 50K pixels, and prefers the image in three different ratio’s: 1×1, 4×3 and 16×9. See for more information on Google’s preferences this article.

To give a user full control over the snippet images, I’ve added a new tab in the recipe editor, which allows a user to manage the images manually. This is not necessary! Zip Recipes will automatically generate the required images in the correct ratio’s and pixel size. If you image quality is too low, you will see a warning about this.

This feature takes the guesswork out of the rich snippets, and is now part of both free and premium versions of Zip Recipes.



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