So dedicated that he quit

A few years back, I read a story about a guy transforming his life using his password. The idea is that you type your password so often and if you set it to a goal, you’re constantly typing it and thinking about it.

I tried the strategy. In 2014, I set my password to Freedom2014. Freedom meant that I get to work on by own business and do my thing.

In 2015, I got a new job (it wasn’t time for Freedom, yet). When my employer gave me a laptop, I set the password to Freedom2016 (I’d given up for 2015!).

I would have forgotten what year I started this “freedom” thinking were it not for my password at home. Freedom2014. Freedom2014. Freedom2014.

Throughout this time I kept squirreling a bit of money where I could. As you know, I also kept working on Zip Recipes.

It took three years for me to get to my goal. Last week, I walked into my manager’s office and resigned. Freedom2017, baby!

So, what does this mean for you?

I’m ecstatic to tell you that I’ve never been more dedicated to you than right now. In April, I will be releasing some really neat features like:

  • Automatic nutritional calculation (that includes nutrition labels)
    • Honestly, this is going to be a huge time saver for you so you can do more of what you love!
  • Search for ingredients using WordPress search
  • Save Recipe button

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading, no better time than now!

Also, in the past, I’ve had to turn people away if they needed some modifications for Zip Recipes, their theme, or website in general.

From now on, WordPress Customization is a service I will provide for you! So, if you need specific modifications for Zip Recipes to match your site or just modifications in general, send an email and let an expert (ahem me!!) start working on your website!

Lastly, here’s a motivational video from Steve Harvey about Taking the Jump:


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