Zip Recipes, some changes coming up!

Some changes coming up for Zip Recipes users! Really Simple Plugins has taken over development and support of Zip Recipes from Gezim. Really Simple Plugins is a small plugin development company consisting of three developers. If you have added SSL to your site you might have encountered us before: we’ve also developed Really Simple SSL, currently the largest plugin to get your site easily on SSL. We’re also currently working on Complianz GDPR, a GDPR and CCPA plugin which handles privacy requirements for US and EU, and for Canada as of later this year.

Of course I also have ideas about what this great plugin can do. So there will also be changes 🙂 The changes you will be seeing in the short term:

  • I will start adding a licensing system to the premium plugins, so users can easily update from the back-end.
  • The current Gutenberg implementation will be adjusted to make more effective use of the wysiwyg possibilities Gutenberg offers
  • Translations will be extended to more languages
  • Conversion between US and Metric measurement systems will be added

A lot more is coming, but I’m hoping for your input as well! If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements, let me know!

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