Automatic updates released for Zip Recipes

This week, we released a great new feature for Zip Recipes: automatic updates. Why is this important for you? If you’re an existing customer, you only need to manually install one  more update, then you can always update with just one click, from the WordPress backend! See detailed installation instructions.

We will be emailing you this week about this update, and you will also receive a download link and license key. The license key tells the server the update is requested by a user with a valid subscription, then WordPress will download the package and install the update for you, like any other plugin. For Zip Recipes Lover users, the license key will also be used to validate access to the nutrition API.

This update als changes the user account on Zip Recipes. We will be migrating you soon, but if you’re not in the system yet, let us know and we can add you straight away.

When you’re in the new back-end, you can register with the email you used for the purchase, and then you’ll be able to access your account, where you can access your downloads, upgrades, renewals, and cancellations.


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