Installing Zip Recipes Premium

If you’re about to upgrade to our latest “automatic updates” release, you can follow the same steps, followed by activating the license. After that you can automatically install updates from the WordPress plugins overview page!

  1. Download the latest version of the premium version from the email you received called: “your purchase receipt”.  Alternatively: go to your Account page and login with your email and password.Click on ” view details and Downloads” to download the plug in.

zip recipes your purchases page with view details and downloads button

  1. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register using the same email you used when you purchased Zip Recipes. If you haven’t received a purchase receipt with your license and download link yet, please contact us first.
  2. Now, log into your site and go to Admin Dashboard
  3. Go to Plugins page
  4. Find Zip Recipes (or Zip Recipes Premium) and Deactivate it:

image of zip recipes deactivate button

6. Now, delete Zip Recipes (or Zip Recipes Premium). This will NOT delete your recipes 🙃:

when the computer asks: “Are you sure you want to delete Zip Recipes Lover and its data?” do not be afraid and just click OK.

image of zip recipes plugin delete button

7. Click Add New to upload the new plugin:

image zip recipes add new button

8. Click Upload Plugin:

image zip recipes upload plugin button

9. Click Browse... (or: choose file) button and find Zip Recipes then click Open to use it:

image zip recipes zip file

10. Then click Install Now:


11. Now, click Activate Plugin to activate it

image zip recipe activate plugin button

12. Now copy your license key from your purchase receipt, and save it in Zip Recipes /license. Activate it.

image of zip recipes plugin license setting

You’ve successfully installed Zip Recipes Premium 😁

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