Shortcodes in Zip Recipes

Zip Recipes will in most cases add the necessary shortcodes automatically, both in Gutenberg, with the Zip Recipes block, or in the Classic Mode.

But sometimes it’s useful to know the the different shortcodes. You’ll need the recipe ID to make it work. You can find the recipe ID in the recipe table by clicking “recipes”. Then you’ll see the ID in the left columnL


With this ID you can manually create a shortcode. In the example below I have created a shortcode for Recipe ID 10:


<!-- wp:zip-recipes/recipe-block {"id":"10"} /-->

Or for the Classic Editor:


To add this code, you need to switch to the “text” view of your editor (Classic Editor)

Then you can paste the shortcode into the page.


In Gutenberg, you can click the icon with the three dots (see screenshot), then click the “Code Editor”. Likewise, you can paste the shortcode here.




Recipe Picture Gallery

How to add a Recipe Gallery

With Zip Recipes, you can now easily create a beautifully styled Recipe Gallery. It will automatically add a json description of the gallery for Google to understand and use in rich snippets. Wherever you want on your site, you can add pictures and present your recipes just the way you like it.

Making a picture gallery in Gutenberg in 2 easy steps:

  1. Make a new page. (You can also add a picture gallery block in a post. For example when you want to write a post about ” fall recipes” in which you want to present all your fall recipes. In that case, make a new post here)

shows where to click to add recipe grid

2. Click the plus sign to add a block, then click on Zip Recipes Grid. (or type Grid in the search bar)

Now you see this:

shows the recipe grid look and options

As you can see, your recipes will be loaded automatically. To start with, the recipe grid loads all categories but you can change that by scrolling down in options and selecting  specific category. To the right, marked with red, you see all the options you have. you can choose how the pictures are animated, how big the pictures should be, if you want a title underneath or not, etc. Just play around for a while and see what you prefer.

In Classic Editor, you can click the Grid icon in the editor toolbar menu, or insert the shortcode [zrdn-grid]

You have several options you can use here, like

  • category = “slugname”
  • recipesPerPage = 20
  • layoutMode = grid or mosaic
  • showTitle = true/false (show a title below each recipe image