Shortcodes in Zip Recipes

Zip Recipes will in most cases add the necessary shortcodes automatically, both in Gutenberg, with the Zip Recipes block, or in the Classic Mode. But sometimes it’s useful to know the the different shortcodes. You’ll need the recipe ID to make it work. You can find the recipe ID in the recipe table by clicking […]

Recipe Reviews

It’s really encouraging to have people give you feedback on your recipes. When people can give you feedback, a sense of community is created on your website and it encourages more and more people to join. Recipe Reviews allows your visitors to add a comment with their recipe rating. You’re no longer left wondering what they […]

Automatic Nutrition usage instructions

As of the most recent version, there’s no setup needed for Automatic Nutrition. You should have your license activated, which is used as authentication. How to do it 1. Go to Recipes > Add Recipe to create a new recipe. 2. In this example, `I will create a recipe called, `Broccoli Zuchini soup` so I […]

Recipe Picture Gallery or Grid

How to add a Recipe Gallery or Grid With Zip Recipes, you can now easily create a beautifully styled Recipe Gallery, or Recipe Grid. (from now on we will use the term gallery, because grid or gallery is the same thing) It will automatically add a json description of the gallery for Google to understand […]