Meet the new recipe grid!

This week we’ve released Recipe Grid 2 (part of Zip Recipes Lover and Zip Recipes Friend), which will replace the previous Recipe Index and Recipe Gallery. The new grid has been designed to make your recipes look mouthwatering, and trigger your users to try multiple recipes. They’re searchable and filterable in a quick and easy way. Check out the new gallery on our demo recipe blog!

The recipes are also shipped with a json+ld description for Google to read: json+ld is Google’s preferred method to send microdata with the recipes, allowing Google to show rich snippets in the search results.

There are numerous options to configure your grid: number of recipes, load more button or not, search, show with or without title, etc.

The Gutenberg interface is especially easy to use: just insert the Zip Recipes Grid block, and you’ll have your grid. By clicking on it, you can start editing your grid, adjusting it to your preferences!

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