Zip Recipes interface update: 6.0.0

The last few weeks I’ve been working on a new interface for Zip Recipes. There were some issues with saving data, and personally, I didn’t like the old interface very much. This update is scheduled to be released next week.

Please know that this update is only the beginning! My aim with Zip Recipes is to make it the easiest to use plugin available. I hope you will feel this is a step in the right direction: more improvements are on their way, but if you have any ideas, just let me know!

The plugin is now in beta, testing is really appreciated, this can be done by downloading it here.

The recipes now have their own overview, where you can edit and delete them. In each post, you can switch recipes, add new, or insert an existing recipe. This works the same both for Gutenberg as for Classic Editor.

In the old interface, you couldn’t access a recipe if you removed the shortcode. This problem is now resolved. The update also creates more room for the user interface, so we can now show a live preview of the recipe.







Zip Recipes update 5.0.11

Zip Recipes  5.0.11 was released today. This release contains an update to the Twig library, which will resolve some conflicts with other plugins also using the Twig template engine. Because the Twig version was several versions behind, this started to cause conflicts if another plugin was used with a more recent Twig version. The update also lowers the plugin size, and should prevent issues that could cause some files not to get deleted during an update. On some hosting environments not all files were deleted, causing the plugin to “disappear”, while at the same time it wasn’t possible to install the plugin again: the plugin folder still existed. Because this update requires the old files to get deleted first, it is possible this issue can occur one more time, after this update it should be fixed. If you encounter the “disappearing plugin” issue during the current update, please contact us and we’ll resolve the issue for you.

Additionally, we made some small improvements:

  • Image shown in large size instead of full size, making the site faster
  • Using the alt text for the image if available, instead of recipe title

This release paves the way for some real improvements we have been working on. Stay tuned!



New nutrition label

Today we’ve released the 5.0.12 version of Zip Recipes lover, which now includes an alternative method to display the Nutrition Label. Until now, the Nutrition Label was generated as an image, downloaded to your site, then displayed below the recipe. This was great, but had a downside: search engines like Google have much more trouble seeing what an image is about than when it’s just characters. To make it even easier for Google to understand the nutrition label, we have created a compatible Nutrition Label. An additional advantage is that the html/css variant is very sharp and clear, more so than the image label.

( is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond)

To let you be more flexible with the placement of the Nutrition Label, we’ve also added a Nutrition Label widget, and shortcode. This gives you, the user, detailed control over the placing of the label, and so over the look of your recipe. For example, on our demo website (in progress, but soon to contain more recipes and examples) in the first demo recipe: you can see a recipe where the default Nutrition Label (at the bottom) is hidden. Instead, we have added the label as widget in the sidebar, as html/css.


Automatic updates released for Zip Recipes

This week, we released a great new feature for Zip Recipes: automatic updates. Why is this important for you? If you’re an existing customer, you only need to manually install one  more update, then you can always update with just one click, from the WordPress backend! See detailed installation instructions.

We will be emailing you this week about this update, and you will also receive a download link and license key. The license key tells the server the update is requested by a user with a valid subscription, then WordPress will download the package and install the update for you, like any other plugin. For Zip Recipes Lover users, the license key will also be used to validate access to the nutrition API.

This update als changes the user account on Zip Recipes. We will be migrating you soon, but if you’re not in the system yet, let us know and we can add you straight away.

When you’re in the new back-end, you can register with the email you used for the purchase, and then you’ll be able to access your account, where you can access your downloads, upgrades, renewals, and cancellations.


Server availability issues on monday

We were having server connectivity issues on Monday, the issues have been resolved now.

We’re currently working an a renewed licensing and api structure. This was an unintentional side effect. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you have any questions, please contact us at