How to create recipes that have multiple parts

Some recipes consist of different parts, like a salad with a dressing, or a cake with a base, a filling and a topping. If you would just type in all the ingredients in one big list, things will get very confusing and complicated for your readers. With Zip Recipes it is very easy to differentiate between various parts of a recipe.

How to do this:

simply start the line with an exclamation mark. Like so

!For the base:

Then add the ingredients for the base

!For the base:
120 grams digestive biscuits
60 grams 70% dark chocolate
60 gram butter

When you start the next part of the recipe, for instance the filling; again start with an exclamation mark

!For the base:
120 grams digestive biscuits
60 grams 70% dark chocolate
60 gram butter

!For the filling:
180 grams 70% dark chocolate
180 grams butter
1.8 dl single cream

Do this for every different part of your recipe, for the ingredients as well as for the instructions. The result in your post will look like this: (the exact lay out depends on the chosen theme, this theme is “Vanilla”)
For a preview of a complete recipe see Mississipi Mud Pie
preview of a recipe with several parts


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