Saving Recipes to Pinterest, Yummly and BigOven

In order to get the most traffic, you need to spread your recipes far and wide.

Some websites that have garnered a reputation for being recipe hubs are Pinterest, BigOven and Yummly. They each have large communities of people looking for recipes and can be large source of traffic.

In order to appear on these websites, someone has to add your recipes on them. The more people adding your recipes, the more popular your recipes will be and the more visitors they will generate to your website.

Save Recipe Buttons

Zip Recipes provides Save Recipe Buttons for Pinterest, BigOven and Yummly.

This will allow your visitors, with a button click, to add your recipes on these platforms and in turn gain you more visitors.


The setup could not be simpler.

  1. Go to Zip Recipes > Save Recipe Buttons
  2. Read the terms of the platform you want to enable by clicking on the link. For example Pinterest for Pinterest, click Pinterest's Terms.
  3. Click Enable the Pinterest Pin button for Pinterest or
    Enable the Yummly button for Yummly or
    Enable the BigOven button for BigOven.
  4. Click Save

That’s all. Now all your recipes will have a button to allow your visitors to save to it.

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  1. familyfocusblog
    familyfocusblog says:

    I am super excited about this new feature. I just finally updated my plugin and discovered it. Thanks for mentioning it here or I never would have discovered it and how to activate it. My only question now it that though I checked all three, I only see Big Oven and Yummly on my recipe cards. Is that because Pinterest takes awhile to verify or is there some glitch?

    • Rogier Lankhorst
      Rogier Lankhorst says:

      It looks to be a cookie banner from Yummly that is blocking the button… I guess yummly hasn’t considered how the banner affects the buttons. But if you go to, then accept cookies, it should work. After doing this, I could see your pinterest button without issues.


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